The Benefits of Hiring a Local Professional for Handyman Services

When it comes to home repairs and improvements, the expertise of a professional cannot be underrated. Particularly, the services of a Handyman Plus can prove to be invaluable. Engaging a local professional handyman service is not just about getting the job done; it’s about getting it done right.


Expertise and Experience
One of the major benefits of hiring a local professional for handyman services is their expertise and experience. Professionals have the skills, the training, and the practical know-how that comes from years of working in the field. They know the best way to tackle a problem, the most efficient techniques, and have the tools to get the job done effectively.


Time and Cost Efficiency
Another significant advantage is the time and cost efficiency. With a local professional handyman, you don’t need to spend time figuring out how to do the repairs yourself or waste money buying tools you may only use once. Instead, the handyman comes prepared with all the necessary tools and materials, and they can often complete the job much quicker than you could yourself.


Comprehensive Services
Handyman Plus professionals offer comprehensive services, which means they can handle a variety of tasks. From plumbing and electrical work to carpentry and painting, a professional handyman can do it all. This means you only need to hire one person, rather than multiple contractors, saving you time and hassle.


Local Knowledge
Lastly, local handymen have an in-depth understanding of the local area. They are familiar with the common issues that homes in your area face and know the best solutions. They may also have connections with local suppliers, meaning they can source materials and parts at a lower cost.


In conclusion, hiring a local professional for handyman services not only ensures that the job gets done right but also saves you time, money, and stress. Whether you need minor repairs or significant home improvements, consider the benefits of engaging a Handyman Plus professional. Their expertise, efficiency, and comprehensive services make them a valuable asset for any Business or homeowner looking for a Handyman service in Camden.


Office Maintenance in Camden, London

Office maintenance is essential for any business operating in Camden, London. Proper office maintenance ensures the safety and productivity of an office, as well as helps create a comfortable work environment that enhances employee morale. It also helps protect the building from wear and tear caused by everyday use. It is important to ensure that regular office maintenance practices are followed in Camden, London businesses to ensure smooth operations and adhere to relevant health and safety regulations.


Regularly scheduled office cleaning can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, dust, pollen and other allergens that can cause allergies or respiratory problems among employees. Office cleaning also helps minimize distractions caused by clutter or mess which can lead to decreased productivity. Disinfecting surfaces such as desks, keyboards, phones and door handles regularly can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination between employees and visitors. Additionally, regular vacuuming can help remove dirt, dust mites and other contaminants from carpets and furniture that could potentially cause air quality issues if not addressed promptly.


Keeping up with office supplies can also improve efficiency since employees will not have to search for items they need during the day when their supplies run out. Properly maintaining an office in Camden, London goes beyond just keeping it clean; it requires proactive attention to any potential issues like plumbing problems or electrical faults which may arise as a result of improper maintenance or wear and tear over time. These must be addressed quickly to avoid further damage or create a hazardous working environment for staff members. It is important that any repairs are carried out by certified professionals who have expertise in this area and use appropriate tools when necessary to ensure the proper functioning of equipment in the workplace. Overall, office maintenance plays an integral role in running a successful business in Camden, London. Not only does it provide a safe working environment for staff members but it also helps extend the lifespan of expensive equipment like computers and other electronics ensuring efficient operations long-term. Call us for all your Office maintenance in Camden.


Handyman services in EC2

Are you looking for reliable and experienced handyman services in EC2? Look no further! Our team of experts provides a wide range of professional handyman services, including electrical, plumbing, office maintenance, and more.


We have years of experience in the industry and understand the importance of quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. We are dedicated to providing a smooth and stress-free experience from start to finish. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and make sure you are completely satisfied with our work.


Our team is highly trained and certified in all areas of home repairs, remodeling projects, and light construction. We specialize in residential repair services such as installing new fixtures in kitchens or bathrooms, upgrading electrical systems, renovating basements or attics, replacing damaged walls or floors, fixing issues with plumbing systems, repairing doors & windows, and much more. For commercial projects, we can help with office maintenance projects such as painting walls or ceilings, repairing furniture & equipment, installing insulation or drywall panels, upgrading lighting systems & wiring issues.


When you choose us for your handyman services in EC2., rest assured that all our technicians have been thoroughly background checked for safety reasons. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding your project or any other home improvement needs you may have. We use only high-quality materials on all jobs so that they last longer than usual while also being cost-effective. Finally we offer flexible payment options so that your project fits within your budget constraints as well as time frame requirements.


Our mission is to provide outstanding home improvement solutions that meet the highest standards of quality craftsmanship at an affordable price point. Whether it’s an emergency repair job or a major renovation project; our team will be there by your side every step of the way till the end result exceeds your expectations! Give us a call today for more information about our handyman services in EC2 Call Handyman Plus for all your handyman services in London EC2.


The Importance of Office Maintenance in London EC1V

If you own a business in London EC1V, then you know how important it is to keep your office space in good condition. A well-maintained office not only looks professional and inviting to customers, but it also helps to improve employee morale and productivity. After all, no one wants to work in a cramped, dirty, and disorganized office! Fortunately, there are several easy ways to keep your office space looking its best.


One of the most important aspects of office maintenance is keeping the premises clean and tidy at all times. This means regular dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and taking out the trash. It’s also important to declutter on a regular basis so that employees have enough room to work comfortably. In addition, be sure to deep clean your office space at least once a week to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.


Another important aspect of office maintenance is making sure that all of your furniture and equipment is in good working condition. This means regularly checking for loose screws, busted light bulbs, wonky desk chairs, etc. In addition, it’s a good idea to have a few spare light bulbs and batteries on hand so that you can quickly fix any broken items.


Finally, don’t forget about safety! One of the most important aspects of office maintenance is making sure that your workplace is safe for employees and customers alike. This means regularly checking electrical outlets, conducting fire drills, and stocking up on first aid supplies. By taking care of these things, you can help create a safe and healthy working environment for everyone involved.


As a business owner in London EC1V, it’s important to make office maintenance a priority. A well-maintained office not only looks professional, but it also helps improve employee morale and productivity. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to keep your office space looking its best. So what are you waiting for? Get started today or call the Handyman plus for all Office Maintenance in London EC1V.


The Importance of Re-grouting

Any tile work you have done will have a type of grouting to keep it bonded properly in place. It is important to keep grout clean and maintained so it stops grime from building up. Grout is important due to the protection it gives from water, which can sneak under the tiles if it is unprotected. Mould can develop overtime, causing an unpleasant look and potential health hazard for those with breathing issues. If it starts to deteriorate like this, it is time to remove it and replace it with fresh grout. If grout needs to be replaced, then it is best to ask a professional handyman for help. They will be able to use their own tools and any materials needed, such as the grout itself and the sealant.


Using a professional handyman means they will have experience and be time efficient. If you attempt the project yourself, you have to ensure old grout is removed first, which can be time-consuming. You won’t have to worry about making mistakes or potentially creating more damage, as a professional we will ensure the job is done carefully and safely, with high quality tools. Call us today for all Handyman services in EC1V.


The Delight Of Dimmer Switches!

A dimmer switch controls all levels of light that a standard switch would not. They are handy switches due to several benefits. For instance, they can make a change to your energy use, as you can control how bright the light is. A standard switch will only go from 0% to 100%. However, with a dimmer switch you can control how strong or low the brightness is, therefore using less energy and being more financially efficient. Using energy saving bulbs at the same time means as well as saving money, you’re also keeping things eco-friendly.


Your light bulbs will be long lasting depending on how often you use them and how bright they get. If you keep your lights softer, the longevity will be a lot better, with the chance that they will last another few years with a dimmer switch. As well as a better price, aesthetically they can give a lovely ambience to your home. In the evening you can cosy up on the sofa, dim the lights and watch a movie with the family. Call Handyman Plus for all electrical work, such as an Electrician in EC2.


The Benefits Of An Extractor Fan

If you want to give your bathroom a bit of an upgrade, then something practical like an extractor fan would be a helpful feature. Even if you have a window, you may still find that the heat after a shower can linger and cause moisture to cling to the walls, which can affect the room with mould, that can cause damage on the ceiling, lights, doors, walls and furniture. With an extractor fan, you will find that the air flow in the bathroom improves, giving the quality a boost, whilst keeping the atmosphere fresher and healthier. It will also reduce the likelihood of odours lingering and will remove moisture from the air, which will lower the chance of mould spores growing.


In the hotter months an extractor fans will be beneficial, due to hot air being vented that would usually linger. This will keep the room cooler and more comfortable. If you’re not sure what sort of extractor fan to get, you should call a professional Handyman in EC1, like us for free advice.


How Essential Is It To Bleed Your Radiator?

Sometimes you may find that your home needs an odd job done here and there, that you are concerned about. This is where a handyman comes in, as they will have the experience and skill to do what you’ve perhaps been putting off. We don’t often think about the condition of our heating system until it becomes a big problem. However your radiators need looking after too. By bleeding your radiators, it will keep your heating system functional and well cared for, as it will keep your property heated efficiently.


Bleeding a radiator is needed when air gets stuck, which means it won’t work as efficiently as it should. Bleeding lets the air release which should sort the problem. If this isn’t done, the air can stop heat from evenly spreading within the radiator, so your home will get cold spots. Due to the heating working incorrectly, you’ll find you’re paying out for energy bills. A couple of signs to keep an eye out for, are cold spots in the radiator, strange gurgling noises and insufficient room temperatures due to the system struggling to spread it evenly.


If you’re unsure how to bleed a radiator then the best thing to do is get hold of a handyman who can do it for you, which can put your mind at rest. They will be able to do it efficiently and carefully without you having to worry about whether or not you’re doing it correctly (due to the hissing noises and remembering to make sure the heating is off first!). They will also be able to check the pressure afterwards and get your heating system back up to the full potential, for more advice and a cheap Plumber in EC2, call us today.


Hiring A Handyman For The Office Space!

If you work in a commercial building or in an office space, you may have a department that deals with maintenance. However, if you don’t, then hiring an experienced and skilled handyman is your next priority. You don’t need to hire a number of different contractors that have separate jobs (such as decorators and plumbers) when you can hire a handyman who can do a variety of things!


A handyman will have a range of skills for everyday life, varying from needing electrical work doing, to putting a shelf up. So, if you feel your office needs an uplift, it is beneficial to hire them to help paint and decorate, as well as tiling and even the plumbing! If there is anything they may not be able to do, they will give advice on what service you may need to use.


Due to the busy nature of an office, a handyman knows there isn’t always time for a manager to do even a small task, so they will help to support the company by doing what they can. You will also find it financially efficient to hire a handyman. Whatever you do, it is beneficial to use a handyman in several ways for your office, as they will get the job done thoroughly and with experience. Call us for Office maintenance in EC1V.


The Benefits of Dimmer Switches

A dimmer switch is used for raising or lowering how bright a bulb is. They are used commercially and also domestically, as they are energy efficient. This is due to the bulbs giving out less watts. If you have a dimmer in more than one room you will find your energy bills being lower. They can also be linked to smart functions, meaning they can control the mood and atmosphere easily. This is particularly handy if you are wanting the lights lower so you can watch a movie, as you can then turn them up again straight after. The lights can be set to change automatically with set timers, which is less time consuming.

As the lights aren’t using their full strength, they won’t burn out as easily, therefore lasting longer. There are different types of dimmer switches, such as integrated switches that can be controlled both wirelessly and manually. These are quite common with modern smart systems. Another favoured switch is a touch screen dimmer, which are usually placed on a wall and simple to use.

Slide dimmers are easy to use, due to simply moving them to and fro and up and down. Rotary dimmers can be used manually to lower the lights, as well as being the on and off switch. If you’re not sure what sort of dimmer light to install, it is best to talk to an expert, as they will know what to suggest to help lower energy bills and keep your home modern and safe. If you want a quick repair and not an Electrician in EC1, call us today.

Why Should Experts Fit Your Home Appliances?

Sometimes after purchasing a new appliance for your home, you would rather fit it yourself than ask an expert for help, as it may be more convenient or you may be worried about the expense. However when it comes to installation of new appliances, you should leave it to a professional. After all, they will know what to look for safety wise, as well as install it correctly.

If you attempt to move anything heavy you could hurt yourself. One benefit of using an expert is that they’ll know how to move and handle the appliance with care. They’ll also take care not to cause damage whilst fitting the machine in place, as they will have experience with moving heavy appliances. You won’t have to worry about your countertops and floors getting scratched.

By using Handyman plus which is a professional to move and install your appliances, you are guaranteeing a reliable and stress free experience, with the knowledge that it is fitted in a safe manner using Handyman services in EC1. You will be reassured that your appliance will be safe and work well from the start.


Benefits Of PAT Testing

When it comes to keeping your business safe, PAT testing is the way to go. For a business to be able to use electrical tools and equipment, you need to ensure they are safe first, as an untested item is a potential fire risk. Health and safety comes first after all, and keeping your colleagues and yourself safe, therefore potentially saving lives, is the main reason you should get things PAT tested. Electrical problems are one of the common reasons a domestic fire can start in the first place, usually from damaged wires and appliances.

Regular PAT tests mean that within your business, you will be abiding by the UK rules and regulations, and will benefit both you and your insurance company. The law says that any employers must check that any electrical tools or equipment are maintained properly, and that colleagues know how to use them.

Fires from faulty equipment are common in the UK, which is why PAT tests are integral in the work place. An expert will know what to check and will know how to advise you, keeping you and your workplace safe from a potentially life threatening danger. If you need a handyman service in EC2, call Handyman plus today.

The benefits of having a handyman

  • Free up your time. If time is precious to you it would be wise to employ a professional. You could maybe do some jobs yourself but do you really want to spend your time on them when the handyman will do a better job?
  • Varied range of skills. Many are skilled in electrics and plumbing and do odd jobs, such as shelf assembly. They essentially have several job roles tied up in one person.
  • Cost effective. If the single handyman can do most jobs, then you won’t have several separate bills from various trades, nor the task of ringing around to hire different contractors.
  • Reliability. Reliability is essential and good to know you have a handyman who is just a call away and available for those odd jobs.
  • Good impressions. With a handyman, you can keep your premises looking fresh and well presented.
  • Call us for all your Office maintenance in Camden



The Competitions and markets Authority has slapped fines adding up to more than £7m to fit-out firms breaking cover pricing laws.


In May three directors were disqualified for more than a year from taking director positions, two of these worked at subsidiaries of Fourfront Group. Clive Lucking, chief executive, seeing a four year and nine months disqualification, as well as Aki Stamatis, chairman, two years and nine months.


Sion Davies, director at subsidiary Are Square, received a one and a half year disqualification. For more details on Planning applications, Handyman work and Office Maintenance in Camden, call us today.


Benefits of having a handyman

Handymen have lots of practical skills and technical knowledge which can usually fix most problems. They essentially have five or six job roles, all packed into one person, which makes them great to have around. They are able to do odd jobs such as repairs or shelf assembly, and many are skilled in plumbing or electrics. It could save you from hiring multiple contractors and you can get several jobs done at once.


They save you the time of having to do a job yourself and, being professional, they will be ale to do a better job. It should end up costing you a lot less and you will have a reliable worker who is available for those odd jobs. Call Handyman plus for all your handyman services in Central London.


DIY can sometimes prove costly

When it comes to DIY you either love it or hate it. Some people will have a go at anything and some will be put off or unable to tackle even the simplest job. Knowing a reliable local handyman is like having an insurance policy.


It’s estimated that it costs around £42,000,000 a year to rectify DIY projects that have been started and either not finished or gone disastrously wrong. In many cases a professional tradesman has to be employed to correct the work, costing on average an extra £871 above what it would have cost if they had commissioned a builder to undertake the work in the first place.


Astonishingly one survey revealed that one in every five people interviewed admitted their DIY experience had been ‘disastrous’ with a massive 62% stating that they believed they had reduced the value of their home!


Handyman Plus covers London and the South East and also conduct Office maintenance in EC1V carrying out all those jobs that the maintenance man has missed.


The Benefits Of An Extractor Fan

If you want to give your bathroom a bit of an upgrade, then something practical like an extractor fan would be a helpful feature. Even if you have a window, you may still find that the heat after a shower can linger and cause moisture to cling to the walls, which can affect the room with mould, that can cause damage on the ceiling, lights, doors, walls and furniture. With an extractor fan, you will find that the air flow in the bathroom improves, giving the quality a boost, whilst keeping the atmosphere fresher and healthier. It will also reduce the likelihood of odours lingering and will remove moisture from the air, which will lower the chance of mould spores growing.


In the hotter months an extractor fans will be beneficial, due to hot air being vented that would usually linger. This will keep the room cooler and more comfortable. If you’re not sure what sort of extractor fan to get, you should call a professional Handyman in EC1, like us for free advice.