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Hi. I have a garden shed which the landlord refuses to do anything to. As a result it can get rather damp in Winter. My wife goes out to fetch pet food and feed the guinea pigs every night and having used head torches and then led battery powered lights I finally decided to try and get the shed lit up properly.

I installed a Greenbrook BHEAD Bulkhead Light Fitting with Glass Diffuser connected to a three wire mains lead. I decided to draw the power from the garage so needed a switch. I installed a Masterplug WP12 20A 1-Gang 2-Way Storm Weatherproof Outdoor Switch (Single Pole IP66 Rated) though the box states it was made by ‘British General’.

The switch has me beaten and I can’t afford to call on an electrician so I am throwing myself on the mercy of those who understand such things…

I have a cable (3 core – Live, Neutral and Earth) plugged into a socket in the garage, this runs through the wall and along the inside of the shed roof to the switch and then a second length of cable (same type) running from the switch to the light on the ceiling of the shed.

the instructions which came with the switch are totally beyond me. (A pdf version can be found here: [20 AMP 20 AX SWITCHES – NEXUS STORM Data Sheet]) When I ordered it I had assumed there would be three or six screw terminals and it would be easy to wire but all I keep doing is trying to make sense of these instructions and blowing the fuse every time I turn the light on.

I have twisted the Earth in and out wires together and screwed them into the Earth terminal in the switch housing (there is also an Earth terminal in the light housing). The Live in has been screwed into the ‘Com’ terminal in the switch and the Neutral in and out wires have been twisted together and screwed into the L2 terminal while the L1 terminal has the Live out wire attached.

I removed the Neon indicator ‘Link wire’.

I’m rather out of my depth here and would really appreciate it if someone could put me on the right track.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks in advance.

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