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I have am looking to replace my original 1930s single glazed leaded lights. I wish to retain the leaded lights if possible as I love their design and everyone else in the street has got rid of them and gone plastic.

I have agonised over deciding between timber or upvc windows. I see so many people now replacing the UPVC they only got 10-15 years ago, which I find awful. Therefore I am leaning towards new quality timber windows and encapsulating my leaded lights.

However, if I do go down the timber window route, I like to be armed with facts when I make my choice. I am looking at flush casement windows to replicate what is already there.

My question: What should I be looking for in terms of well designed good quality timber windows? I have been told that a specially treated Acoya wood is very good and very long lasting. Is this true? What timbers should be avoided?

Are there any specific design, construction methods I should lookout for that are superior in longevity and quality?

I have read that some designs in the past led to seals going very quickly on double glazed units etc.

Basically, I am looking for advice from anyone in the trade who can help me in cutting through marketing rubbish so I can identify what is good and what is not.

Any advice appreciated.

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