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Hi all!

Further to my progress thread, have some questions relating to solid floor construction.

Can anyone please advise how deep I need to excavate to allow for type1, sand, DPM, insulation, floor slab then screed.

And please also advise the thickness and spec of each material also in what order these should be layed.

The room will be heated by wet central heating system. There will also be either a gas or electric fire in the room.

Also, my walls are circa 500mm solid stone so no visible DPC (maybe a slate course in the wall but not evident) therefore not sure how to tie the floor DPM into the walls….or do I just have the excess DPM going behind my foil backed insulated plasterboard?!?

I also plan to have this dining room carpeted with the connecting hall in solid OAK Flooring. Should the top of the floor screed be lower than the top of the oak floor making an allowance for underfelt and carpert – if so, by how much?

Thanks in advance!


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