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The London skyline is set to change again with the addition of a new ‘skyscraper’ which has been approved at Leadenhall, overlooking the historic market place. With 51,500 sq ft of retail space planned for the first three floors it should add significantly to the current shops in the area.

At 37 stories it’s not the tallest building, but will be replacing the existing 7 storey building occupied by the online retailer Amazon. Demolition and building is estimated to take 3 years and work is planned to start later this year with completion sometime in 2019.

The first ‘skyscraper’ was small by modern standards at just 16 storeys. It was built in Chicago in 1891 and in order to accommodate the height of the building they had to make the walls at the base 6ft thick. Only 22 years later in 1913 building methods had moved on enough for a true skyscraper to be undertaken, the Woolworth Building. This was 242m high, which is an amazing height considering the technology and materials available at the time, it was only possible due to the use of steel to form a skeleton around which the building was created. In 1931The Empire State Building in New York City was completed, and remained the highest building until the World Trade Centre’s North Tower was completed in 1970. It still remains the fifth tallest free standing building in the Americas.

Advancements in technology and building techniques means that tall buildings are now quite commonplace although architects and designers continue to dream up new and unusual schemes to test the limits of our knowledge. If you are looking for reliable office Maintenance in WC1 call 0845 612 1001.

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