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A friend of mine live in a hard water area and has a shower that takes water from a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard across the hall. It’s one of those arrangements where there’s a hose behind the taps and you move a lever to make water come out of the taps or out of the shower via the hose.

She gets a very poor flow.

She doesn’t want a power shower or anything fancy – she doesn’t want to spend any money or do any plumbing.

She’s asked me if one of those “airo” or “water saving” replacement shower heads would help.

I reckon it’s likely her shower head is blocked with scale. I’ve suggested she test the flow by filling a bucket in a given time with the head on, then off, to compare how much water she has, then maybe just replace the head with a new one of the old design.

Any thoughts on this please?

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