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I have old (not sure how old though) hardwood parquet flooring in my hall and living room. The house was bulit in 1953 and it would not surprise me this were the original flooring.

The flooring looks like what was in my old school it has a shiny finish that I am not too keen on. There are a number of scratches (some a little deeper than others), some gaps and some small white patches where there has probably been exposure to water. I was thinking of having the flooring refinished professionally after I finish decorating had a few questions:

– the existing colour is a dark reddish brown colour. can the floor be stained to a lighter colour easily or should I ideally stick to similar/darker colours?
– can the gaps (mostly quite small – 5mm or less) realistically be filled properly?
– what is the best finish for flooring? waterbased or oil?
– the living room is c. 22ft x 11ft and the hallway is c. 7ft x6ft. what should I reastically expect to pay for a skilled tradesman
– any reccommendations for a good refinishing service in the South Buckinghamshire area?

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