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Complete bathroom refurb. As normal the plumbers were trusted to strip out and leave in a state for me to install new boarding throughout and guide them on the plumbing side.

After I had tiled it was left for them to reinstate the old toilet and basin, silicone and install shower enclosure. Not necessarily in that order.

Been back in there today as there was a couple of issues.

Fcking hell, a couple. That is putting it mildly. The wnker just siliconed the toilet and pi55ed I amy add, siliconed the cistern. Didn’t even do all the silicone for the bathroom. Incorrectly sealed the shower enclosure so that it leaks like a pair of tea bag wellies, even though I bang it into their thick heads to read the instructions each time.

Apparently plumbers don’t get taught how to do shower trays, bath panels or shower enclosures.

I think this one needs teaching that the sack is a very real prospect 2 weeks before he gets married.

I will be pushing for it. How dare the useless cnut show me up like that. Not that it is my company, but it is my overall job.

I have two plumbers finishing off a bathroom for me tomorrow…………dreading it!

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