The Competitions and markets Authority has slapped fines adding up to more than £7m to fit-out firms breaking cover pricing laws.


In May three directors were disqualified for more than a year from taking director positions, two of these worked at subsidiaries of Fourfront Group. Clive Lucking, chief executive, seeing a four year and nine months disqualification, as well as Aki Stamatis, chairman, two years and nine months.


Sion Davies, director at subsidiary Are Square, received a one and a half year disqualification. For more details on Planning applications, Handyman work and Office Maintenance in Camden, call us today.


Benefits of having a handyman

Handymen have lots of practical skills and technical knowledge which can usually fix most problems. They essentially have five or six job roles, all packed into one person, which makes them great to have around. They are able to do odd jobs such as repairs or shelf assembly, and many are skilled in plumbing or electrics. It could save you from hiring multiple contractors and you can get several jobs done at once.


They save you the time of having to do a job yourself and, being professional, they will be ale to do a better job. It should end up costing you a lot less and you will have a reliable worker who is available for those odd jobs. Call Handyman plus for all your handyman services in Central London.


DIY can sometimes prove costly

When it comes to DIY you either love it or hate it. Some people will have a go at anything and some will be put off or unable to tackle even the simplest job. Knowing a reliable local handyman is like having an insurance policy.


It’s estimated that it costs around £42,000,000 a year to rectify DIY projects that have been started and either not finished or gone disastrously wrong. In many cases a professional tradesman has to be employed to correct the work, costing on average an extra £871 above what it would have cost if they had commissioned a builder to undertake the work in the first place.


Astonishingly one survey revealed that one in every five people interviewed admitted their DIY experience had been ‘disastrous’ with a massive 62% stating that they believed they had reduced the value of their home!


Handyman Plus covers London and the South East and also conduct Office maintenance in EC1V carrying out all those jobs that the maintenance man has missed.