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When it comes to DIY you either love it or hate it. Some people will have a go at anything and some will be put off or unable to tackle even the simplest job. Knowing a reliable local handyman is like having an insurance policy.

It’s estimated that it costs around £42,000,000 a year to rectify DIY projects that have been started and either not finished or gone disastrously wrong. In many cases a professional tradesman has to be employed to correct the work, costing on average an extra £871 above what it would have cost if they had commissioned a builder to undertake the work in the first place.

Astonishingly one survey revealed that one in every five people interviewed admitted their DIY experience had been ‘disastrous’ with a massive 62% stating that they believed they had reduced the value of their home!

Installing a new kitchen or painting the house are two of the most common jobs undertaken by us as handymen in Camden. Handyman Plus covers London and the South East and also conduct Office maintenance in EV1V carrying out all those jobs that the maintenance man has missed.

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