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We have recently(ish) bought a house with a nicely fitted and relatively new kitchen.
The problem is the lighting is awful. In certain areas when standing by the sink or cooker you end of blocking out any useful light provided by the current setup.

I think the solution will be to use about 8 or 10 spotlights. The kitchen is a single story extension and it has a flat felted roof (.
I don’t know how big the gap between the ceiling and the roof board above it is. I am assuming not too much.

Even if there is enough how could I get the wiring around the battens?
Can it be channelled in to the ceiling plasterboard?

Next option, pull the ceiling down, affix another batten on the existing and channel the wires. New plasterboard, fill the joints, lining and paint.

Last option and big U-shaped tracklight – not as elegant but solves a problem. (

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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