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Further to my earlier post, although I have disconnected the pipes, I still cannot get the tap out from the sink. However, maybe the problem can be tackled in-situ.

The problem is that the spout will not swivel. It appears to be seized to the body of the tap and twists the whole mechanism. I’ve never played with monoblocks before, so it’s all new ground. At the rear of the swivel part of the tap is a small bolt, which appears to fix the swivel spout to the internal mechanism (which is baffling me). However, even removing this bolt makes no difference.

My guess is that it is simply limescale that is jamming it, but I really need to dismantle it to clean it properly. Part of my problem is that I can’t even see how to free the lugs that are clamping the body to the sink.

Any ideas wold be most welcome.

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