Blog > Is She Trying To Top Me Over??????

When I got home from work 2day, the missus said she is going out with a friend?
She returned after Three hours with a boot full of carbonated soda drinks etc?

‘Do you know how much all this cost? She enquired?’
Sixty pounds, I replied?

‘No, it cost me nothing, ZILTCH, get it?’

It turns out most of the drinks are either Three, Four, or Five months over the expiration date? And this newly opened Cash Carry outlet in Purley Way is begging people to take it away???

I’ve refused to drink it, but in my absence, she will give it to the kids?? What if they fall sick?
She claims there’s nothing wrong with it and I should watch the TV to see its safe to drink? REALLY?!?

I fear for what this may do to the kids. She won’t be able to give them in my presence, but once I’m out, she will ::b

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