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Hi Everyone

What is the best way to remove a non oil based paint (its either quick drying gloss or silk emulsion… I can’t tell)
Other than sanding it FOREVER

I am taking the paint off, of the wood in my front sitting / living room with the view to stain in with Danish oil (Jacobian oak)
Normal gloss fell of with the heat gun and scrapper
I have some painted wood (pine skirting and possibility ply as well) that does not have an oil based gloss
The heat gun doesn’t budge it, it just discolours it

As best I can tell there is a mix of old wood, perhaps as old as the property itself (1890) or there about and new wood
added recently (last 10 years or so)

Old wood came up well (needs a sanding down)
New wood not so great.

My first thought is just to rip out the newer wood with the awkward paint and replace it with new pine
Stain up the old wood first then, just add the Danish oil product to the new wood till
it matches the old wood.

The new wood is approximately 1/3 of the room skirting full height ( I mention full height as the skirting is made up of sections that stagger on top of each other)

Is that a good solution, or am I going about it the wrong way?????

Any help or insights welcome



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