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Hi. So had a new radiator put in in the kitchen. The kitchen is an extension along with bathroom so they didn’t put any rad in before I guess due to concrete floor. But the boiler is in the bathroom. Now the pipe work the plumber put in is only new up to a point. He found that the towel rail in the bathroom (which is currently plumbed into the hot water) was plumbed into the heating system at some point and these pipes (flow and return) were just linked together with flexible hose. They used speed fit pipes from just inside the wall where the rad is mounted as they had to go behind the water cylinder. Then used t shaped connectors to tap into the flow and return original copper pipe. So I guess this is all ok so far. Now the problem is they filled the system back up, got all the other rads working once bled, but had no heat at all in the new rad! Bled it, fully opened valves but nothing. This is now the nearest rad to the pump and boiler yet is the only one not working.
They were there til 6pm from 9.30am start, most of the afternoon trying to get pump working (airlock) and this rad problem. So they left it with me that the valves are faulty and I said I can change them. Plumber is also a friend so wasn’t too bothered by this. But now with 2 new valves the problem is still there!! I actually took the speed fit pipe going the the feed of the rad out and filled a pot with its water with heating running but this was cold. Any help, suggestions, ideas all welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

P.S I am getting them back Tuesday

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