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Hi everyone

Having just purchased our new home we are now getting stuck in to giving it some much needed tender loving care.

We’ve never had wood flooring before and I’ve attached some images showing what we have.

It was described as timber wood flooring and though I know nothing about this type of flooring I must say it does feel very solid, flat and quiet. Where we have removed some inbuilt wardrobes it has revealed some of the edges of the flooring and it does appear to be quite thick (at least 5mm, probably 7 or 8 mm). One of the images shows the flooring to be darker in one room than in another but I think that is just a trick of the lighting.

Can anyone advise what is best practice for cleaning and restoring the flooring. It has lost its shine and it would be good to tackle this while the rooms are empty.

Advice would be very welcome.

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