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Q. What is Handyman Plus?

A. Handyman Plus is a professional handyman service specializing in small to medium jobs around the home and office. Essentially these are usually the types of jobs you either don’t want to do or aren’t sure how to do.


Q. Who is sent to my house to do the work?

A. A qualified handyman will arrive on time to undertake any necessary tasks. They will possess all of the relevant skills and experience so you can rest assured that they are proven professionals.


Q. How do I book an appointment?

A. Email us your enquiry using the contact form and we’ll promptly answer it within 24 hours. We can contact you at your convenience. Or you can call us using our local call number.


Q. Do you work weekends?

A. Our handymen are available for weekends by appointment only.


Q. What level of service can I expect?

A. Handyman Plus aims to provide you with a professional level of service and workmanship. We back this up by providing a GUARANTEE on our workmanship so if you’re not happy the first time we’ll make it right for free!


Q. How do you charge?

A. At Handyman Plus, we charge by the hour. This way our customers are charged only for the time that we actually work. A discounted half day rate is also available for jobs which may take a little longer or if you have various tasks that need completing.


Q. Can I get an estimate for my job?

A. As Handyman Plus specialises in smaller jobs they do not lend themselves to estimates. However if you would like to upload a photograph of your job on our contact form, we can usually give you an idea of how long a job similar to yours would take.


Q. How do I pay?

A. Handyman Plus accepts all major credit cards and you can pay for your booking over the phone.

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