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about to fit a kitchen in a house were doing up currently…

ive installed flat channel ducting in the ceiling. and bought it out through the ceiling. but when the extractor hood was delivered i was expecting it to be the standard flexi hose stuff thats been with every single hood ive fitted in the past. instead its got a rigid plastic type corugated pipe. its 6 inch diameter as oposed to 4 inch. the only fittings ive found locally are 4 inch.

has anyone fitted a cooker hood like this before? where did you get adapters from to go 6 inch to either 4 inch round or to 100mm flat channel duct? … 338039a3d8

think thats the one… im not at the site today. and having read the instructions it has touch controls etc..

anyway its the exhaust pipe thing for it thats gonna cause me a problem.

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