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Hi all

Got some woodworm in our dining table which needs treating. The table has been oiled/waxed/stained/varnished (not sure which) in the past. It DOES water stain and mark quite easily. But we just tried putting a droplet of water on it and it remained beaded on their for a couple of minutes.

As such, I’m not sure whether the boron water based products will be suitable and am looking into the Permethrin solvent based products.

I wondered if anyone could share an opinion on whether it would be a bad idea to use it on a dining table. We use place matts (and plates!) so there’s no direct food contact. But it is in the kitchen and we do eat off it…..

Any other advice would be great.

Also, this product is a lot cheaper but I don’t think it is based on Permethrin (there’s just a lot of long words in the Safety Data Sheet). Anyone used it? Any opinions?

Pics attached.

Many thanks


PS – the table has metal legs and the top is only 1cm thick so is easily removable for application outdoors.

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