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Hello folks :welcome:

Hope all are well.
I wonder if anyone can enlighten me on where I am going wrong?…

I trying to drill through my external wall to first floor bedroom, specifically under my floorboards to feed CCTV cabling from the camera, which obviously will be fitted outside on my wall.

I drill through the UPVC cladding first of all and then find that I’m coming across something very metal. I’ve drilled about 4 holes now (and made a real pigs ear of my cladding) but no matter where the location I keep hitting metal. Don’t believe it could be a lintel as I’m drilling about a foot above the door. I’ve even tried drilling higher but still hit metal.

Surely the whole area isn’t coated in a metal material??

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Also, anyone know the best way to cover up UPVC fascia cladding without replacing the whole lot??

Thanks for any help you can give.

Best wishes

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