Blog > Didn’t get caught out this year!

Had the first proper frost of the morning, where I had to employ the ‘start the van and have a coffee’ method, and spent the next hour decanting all the water-based paints from the workshop to the indoor storage facility (2 large cupboards in the house).

So how does everyone else do with their emulsions, Gardz, Paste and WB trim paints during the cold months? Installing heating in the workshop isn’t an option, and paraffin heaters around paint…….not too sure how the insurance would see that. I’ve toyed with getting Celotex lined boxes, but not really convinced they’d offer the frost protection that’s sometimes needed up here. We’ve been under -20 a couple of times, and -10 is becoming a routine temperature every year.

So is there a workable alternative to bringing it indoors I wonder?

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