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Hi all,
I’m planning to fit a Grohe or similar mixer shower (not purchased yet) to an existing internal partition of the cellular variety. Wall is approx 62mm thick before any tiling or other added board. I was hoping to hide the pipes and embed the control panel in the wall. I don’t think there is any studding to speak of in order to provide support apart from a door frame close to one side of bath and probably some not too strong timber stud in the corner. I will also have to remove existing tiles I put up years ago.

Has anyone any experience doing this? Is it doable?

I would appreciate any tips or advice.

BTW replacing partition isn’t really an option since opposite face has been decorated recently and it would be too disruptive to consider anyway. My house was built in 1986.

Some other info: shower is over end of bath and length of room is 1.74 approx so I have to “fill” the gap between one end of bath if I use a 1.7 bath.

Many thanks

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