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hello all,

got a whole house refurb with the normal old house (1880’s) problems.

trying to keep the cost down but more probs than originally envisaged (as usual)

property is a front back to back mid terrace with the 2 roofs joining via a cast valley gutter, between the front and rear dwellings, water ingress on the joints which I intend to fix with FR10 but now the upstairs ceiling are down condensation on the internal of this valley is quite severe, figure on using the FR10 on the internal to help cure the prob but wondered what type of insulation to use (Q1)

property has been re-roofed but (not being a roofer) the job is a bit poor and prior to removing the upstairs ceilings there was no ventilation of the loft and the moisture was severe, plan on curing this lack of air flow via ridge vents and tile vents (Q2)

also, there are 2 small vaulted cellars linked via a small doorway of which both are served by separate coal shuts, now slabbed over so I figured to put 2 110mm pipes vented to outside at low level and high level internally to create a natural air movement, this is where you experts may be able to help, having looked into damp there are so many differences of opinion, ie-cellars were designed to be cool and damp and equalling the moisture levels to external air will draw more moisture into the dwelling (Q3)

also, (I know this is getting a bit long winded) having looked into damp some experienced time served experts say there is no such thing as rising damp, its either penetrative or condensation and that certain plasters can exacerbate the problem, so a bit of advice would be appreciated with regard to Q1, Q2 Q3


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