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Hi ,
Can anyone with experience of Butinox or Demidekk Ultra help with some advice please ?
Basically, what’s the best stuff for my exterior windows which need redoing again ::b after many efforts down the years with the “usual” makes which all fail and well …don’t do what they say on the tin ! i’m now looking at the above makes which sound pretty encouraging ?
I’ve used spirit stain oil varnishes and all in one woodstains previously but they all end up failing despite following all preparation guides .
To be fair it’s worse on the more exposed areas with the lower parts of the frame peeling off and the sills pretty much back to bare wood .
Questions i have are –

1.Wondering about the differences/merits between Butinox 1, 2 and 3 – i see that 1 is called translucent and 2 3 are opaque – which obviously i get but they still refer to 2 3 as a woodstain/paint ?
Is the finish of 2 3 a basic flat colour like paint or does it perhaps leave a kind of impression of the grain ?

2. Can i get the Butinox’s or the Demidekk Ultra in a Dark Brown /Mahogany like colour ?

3. What do you think about the Demidekk Ultra in comparison – i think i’ve seen that it’s referred to as Demidekk “Windows doors” so would that perhaps be the better product for planed timber?(rather than cladding etc ) or would the Butinox do just as well ?

4 In regards to the application – because some parts such as sills are down to bare would as i say , should i use a primer (ie Visir) before using the top coat/s ?
Also because there is some cracking and damage etc to fill repair , is there a filler that you chaps would recommend for exterior repair ?

Any help or advice much appreciated


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