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Hello everyone!

Looking to pick your brains over my situation.
In the new year I am looking to convert my loft into a bedroom, but before that I am installing a conservatory/extension to the rear of the house before xmas.

With that in mind, i need roof windows! Now, because the extension will be there, we will be unable to get to the rear of the roof to fit the window along with the other work, so I intend to fit the window hopefully within the next week or so.

I intend to submit the applications using the Building Notice Method. It works out at £200 for the windows now, or £525 for the loft conversion incl. windows! Obviously I would like to just pay the £525, so, if I submitted the forms, with a sketch, would I be allowed to go on an fit the roof window?
Would I be held up if they requested a structural calculations for the conversion (that I intend to get in the new year before the main work starts) and they deny building notice acceptance, preventing me from cracking on with the windows?

Does anybody have any experience of this? I’m not looking to go down the full plans route, purely to save time and get the windows in!

Thanks in advanced!


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