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Hi everyone,

I’m about to undertake a list of minor repairs in a Dentist’s premises, including the fitting of a protective wooden rail (about 80mm wide, 20-25mm thick, chamfered edges) along the wall where the nervously waiting patients have rubbed the backs of their chairs. (In one place the back of a plastic chair has actually cut through the plasterboard wall). Well, I’m intending to use a length of pale wood, (a bit of light oak if I can find it locally, but I’ll probably end up with a bit of pine), because there’s a lot of pale wood in their current decor.

I’m conscious that if I use a wrong varnish or other treatment, it may well protect the wall, but might still look worn and crappy quite soon, and I don’t want it to end up at all glossy. Any thoughts? Wax rather than varnish?

And, again in order to keep in tune with their existing decor, I was hoping to fix the wood to the studs of the wall with some large chrome-domed type screws of the sort you often see used for mirrors – but I can’t find any remotely big enough – I’d need a sturdy 60-70mm woodscrew with an appropriately big domed or button-shaped cover. Anyone ever come across such things?

I’d be grateful for any helpful info.

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