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Hi Guys after a bit of advice please

Open vented system
Potterton suprima 50L – (yes i have had loads of circut boards)!!!!!
Hot water cylinder on 1st floor
Feed Expantion tank in loft
3 bed semi – 8 rads

About 2 years ago I changed the 3 port valve on the central heating – after an excellent diagnosis on here)
After refilling the system and adding inhibitor (1 liter ) and initially bleeding all was ok

But system now seems to have air in it – I can hear the radiators gurgulling and the boiler keeps gurgling and swooshing – mainly when it is nearly up to temperature

Ive bled them all loads of times and even closed them all off except the highest one in the house to try and push any air to that one
After bleeding it will be ok for a few days to a week then it will start again gurgling and swooshing

Ive now descovered that the entrance porch rad is not getting hot Ive bled it – but NO air and have taken the TVR head off in case that was faulty
Can these break ????? the pin on the top is moving in out when pressed and body of valve red hot !!!

I was thinking about draining down the system and replacing the TVR valve body but could anyone give me the correct way to refill the system to avoid air getting trapped in it again

Many thanks for any help

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