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Hi everyone,

I have searched the forum for previous posts relating to this subject and found a few very useful ones but wanted to confirm a couple of points before I make a purchase. I am not a tradesman so will primarily be using the compressor for home appliances; nail gun, spray painting and cleaning stuff at first but with the right compressor I could see myself getting other air powered tools down the road. From going through those recent posts I understand that anything less than a 50l receiver is unlikely to meet my needs but I wanted to check the following:

1. My neighbour is a little touchy with respect to noise – am I right in saying that a belt driven compressor is quieter than a direct drive one? I know I can spend a bomb for a “silent” one but have no intention of forking out for one of those

2. Is 2hp enough for the needs I mention above?

3. What is the consensus of opinion on the following machine? Would it meet my needs as stated: … 5ae3298ba4

4. I am comfortable with a lubricated machine and understand I would need a separator in line with my sprayer. I had thought all belt driven machines were lubricated but the one I linked to above appears not to be. Can this be right?

5. Is there a better option for me in the same sort of price bracket that someone could point me towards?

6. Is there anything else I should consider but haven’t thought of?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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