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Evening gents,

I am looking for your advice regarding securing my home.

There are so many things I want to do now but truth be told, I don’t have alot of money. That said I would like to gradually work my in enhancing the securty but purchasing good quality products over the course of a few months. Last thing I want is a quick and dirty cheap setup. I need something robust.

From searching the web here is what I am looking for:

– An alarm system
– Floodlights
– GPS tracking for expensive items

The alarm system that I like is the Honeywell FX020 Galaxy Flex. There are people on ebay selling these as a package for about £900 but it seems like I can purchase these parts separately for cheaper. For example the FX020 Control Unit + MK8 Prox Keypad costs about £165.00 whereas the price on ebay is over £200.

The idea was to purchase the bits and bats and just tweak it as I go along. Tweak it with things like the GSM/GPRS module etc.

As I know bugger all about security, I was wondering, if you could advise what I should get with the Galaxy Flex as a starting point? Control unit, some PIR sensors and an external sound box?

With regards to floodlights – I am not fussed buying second hand ones of ebay providing they are good heavy duty ones. But every listing I see doesnt seem to mention anything about motion sensors? They basically list the flood light and thats it. Am I right in saying, I could buy a motion sensor for any type of flood light and somehow have them both work in tandem with each other?

GPS tracking – This might be overkill but a £3000 tv was stolen and I cant help but regret not having any tracking available on it. For future consideration, I would like to mount a device that I can hone in on if and when it goes missing. Is there anything available on the market that you can suggest?

Lastly, I am wondering about the order in which I should set these products up? – Should I go for lights, alarm and gps or alarm then lights etc.

Many thanks for your help.

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