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I hope I’ve created the album of pictures correctly so you can see my heating system, otherwise this post will seem pretty pointless!!

Basically my TRVs are old and most are knackered, besides the point I personally do not like TRVs… I want to buy and wire in a basic wireless dial thermostat to the timer control in my pictures. Nothing fancy just a temperature dial will do.

Currently my heating is either fully on or off, set by the timer twice a day. Trouble is I often spend a few days away at a time, and last January when we had the big freeze I had a water pipe freeze and burst. I’ve only just moved back in the house, so I want to be able to leave the heating on and set it low while I’m away. Besides the fact my last house had a thermostat dial and I much preferred that for general day to day use.

Can any experts advise a cheap basic dial to buy which will fit my system, and tell me where/how to wire it in according to below pictures?

Thank you for your time

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